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Questions & Answers

Q. Why do I need a Koozzoo artwork to borrow money?

A. Your Koozzoo artwork is security for your loans.

Q. What percentage of my Koozzoo artworks can I borrow?

A. 85%

Q. How many times can I borrow?

A. You can keep borrowing and repaying your loans indefinitely to 85% of your          artwork’s value.

Q. Can I choose my artwork?

A. Yes – you will be able to choose from an extensive range of artworks on the

     Koozzoo website.

Q. Are they framed artworks?

A. No. You will receive a canvas limited edition painting print delivered to your          address once you’ve made your selection on the Koozzoo website or App.

Q. Is my limited-edition canvas print unique?

A. Your print is numbered in the sequence for the limited edition release.

     For example; you might have print number 5 of 50. No more than 50 of the 

     print will be produced.

Q. Will my artwork increase in value?

Q. It may do.

Q. How will I know if my artwork increases in value?

A. Koozzoo will revalue your artwork every 90-180 days. You will see the

    revaluation in you App. You can borrow 85% of the increased value of your


Q. Can I sell my artworks for their increased value?

A. Yes

Q. How can I sell my artwork?

A. They can be sold on the Koozzoo market to other accredited Koozzoo

     account holders like you.

Q. Why would anyone want to buy my artworks?

A. For the buyer they will be cheaper than buying Koozzoo gift cards. For you

    you'll be selling for more than you paid. 

Q. Do I receive cash for my the artworks I sell?

A. Yes. You receive cash after any loans against the artworks have been


Q. Selling my artworks seems like a great way of repaying my loans and making

     a profit. 

A. Yes, it can work this way.

Q. How do I borrow against my artwork?

A. Use the Koozzoo App. You will see the total value of your artworks. You can

     borrow 85% no questions asked.

Q. If I repay my loans, can I borrow against up to my 85% value of my artworks.

A. Yes. Make loan repayments, and you can keep borrowing continually. This is

     known as an evergreen ‘revolving’ line of credit.

Q. How is the interest on my loan paid?

A. You must make a monthly interest payment on your outstanding monthly


Q. When must I repay my loan?

A. It’s up to you when you repay any part of your outstanding loan. If you’ve fully

    drawn down your 85% limit, you can borrow no more until you reduce the

    outstanding loan balance, and then you can borrow again.

Q. What is the Koozzoo interest rate?

A. It’s 7% per month on the outstanding loan balance.

Q. For what purpose are Koozzoo loans beast used?

A. Koozzoo art loans are best used for personal needs between pay cutoffs. 

     They are short-term loans for; food, commuting, rent, utilities, and personal

     needs while awaiting your next salary.

Q. So Koozzoo is like a pay-day loan?

A. Yes, Koozzoo is like a pay-day loan. We don’t take ATM cards. There is no

     application process. You decided how much you need and when you need it.

     It’s all done via the Koozzoo App. There is nobody to ask about a loan. You


Q. How do I start?

A. Buy a Koozzoo gift card online at (coming), using the Koozzoo

    App, or buy from selected retail outlets or Sari-Sari stores. Go online to or use the Koozzoo App to register your account. Your gift card

    number allows you to choose your artwork canvas, which will be sent to you by


Q. How do I borrow?

A. Use the Koozzoo App to borrow as you need. The money will be immediately

     sent to you via your GCash App.

Q. How do I make loan repayments?

A. Use your GCash App

Q. Do I need to speak to anyone to open a Koozzoo account or request a loan?

A. No. Just use the Koozzoo App to give yourself a loan from your 85% credit

     limit against all your Koozzoo artworks.

Q. How can I get Koozzoo gift cards?

A. Buy them yourself or receive them as a gift from friends, family, and

     colleagues. When your birthday or Christmas comes around, ask for a

     Koozzoo gift card. Not only do you get exquisite artwork, but you get a line

     of credit.

Q. What if I can pay my minimum monthly interest?

A. Use the Koozzoo App Chat and ask for an amended repayment plan.

Q. Is there any limit to how much credit I can have?

A. You are only limited by 85% of all the Koozzoo artworks registered in your

     account. It can be as much credit as artworks you own.

Q. What is the minimum Koozzoo artwork value?

A. It’s 1,500 Php for each artwork gift card. You can borrow 85% or 1,275 Php as a

     revolving line of credit.

Q. If I want 8,500 Php credit line, how do I get that?

A. Buy or be gifted seven 1,500 Php Koozzoo gift cards, and you now have an

     8,500 evergreen revolving line of credit for whenever you need money.

     As your artworks increase in value, you can on-sell them for a profit on the market to other accredited Koozzoo members.

Q. Must I own Koozzoo artworks to borrow from Koozzoo?

A. Yes. Koozzoo is not a common lending business. It only lends against its


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