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Micro Loans

Mabilisang pag utang

Magkaroon ng instant cash gamit ang iyong Kozzoo Art


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Secure instant Koozzoo MICRO LOANS paid via GCash

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How it Works

Steps to getting instant loans | fast, easy, no questions


Buy or receive a 1,500 Php Koozzoo gift card to for Art to be used as security

for Koozzoo loans

Choose your Art on the Koozzoo App

or online at

Your Koozzoo loan account is now open

to borrow using your

art as security

Courier delivers your artwork to your home which you

always retain

Use Koozzoo App to get instant loans paid via GCash

Repay your loans

via GCash App and

get more loans over and over

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Our Services


Koozzoo Art as gifts

You buy a 1,500 Php Koozzoo wall art as an investment, or a friend can buy it as a gift. It might even be a loved one, or colleague who gifts it to you for a special occasion, like a birthday.

Your artwork gives you a line of credit for instant loans using your artwork as security. 


Your artwork is a dual purpose gift. Its value gives you a perpetual instant line of credit for loans, using your art as security whilst it still hangs on your wall.

Koozzoo Art gift cards can be bought at or from selected retail outlets or Sari Sari stores nationwide.


Koozzoo for Loans

The more Koozzoo artworks you accumulate, the more loans you get. Say you have seven x 1,500 Php artworks. It gives you a 10,500 maximum line of credit.  You can borrow 85% (8,925), repay and borrow again, and again.

Your money is sent to you on the spot using via GCash. It's fast, there's no waiting, no calls and no questions asked.

 Whenever you need more money in a hurry, Koozzoo money is available to you immediately via GCash remittance.


Koozzoo for Investment

Your Koozzoo art increases in value over time. The more often you borrow, and repay on time, your artwork is also revalued. This gives you larger and large credit line to borrow against.

Koozzoo wall art is like having savings on your walls. Only you can borrow against it, so its safe. You can access cash loans instantly.

Koozzoo is not only about the enjoyment of owning art, it's also a store of value and medium of exchange - this is the economist definition of money. It's like money in the bank. Except it's like you owning the bank!



Koozzoo Gift cards can bought at selected retail outlets, from Approved Reseller, online or at Sari Sari stores nationwide

Give Koozzoo Gift cards for birthdays, wedding gifts or incentives. The receiver not only enjoys a gift of Artwork of their choice, but  gets a line of credit for perpetual Koozzoo loans against the security of their artwork. 

“Commuting gets you to work.

Koozzoo gets you to pay day. 

Marinelle Caagbay


112 Carlos Palanca Street,

Makati, Manila, Philippines.


317-319 Des Veoux Road,
Sheung Wan,  Hong Kong

Tel: 0917 842 5975


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